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Network Research Engineer

Vortex-CoLab is a growing collaborative laboratory that combines academia and industry allies in an innovation framework to boost tech transfer in the areas of cyberphysical systems and cybersecurity. We are embarking on a journey that merges cutting-edge research and agile market solutions to create top-class products with the highest guarantees of safety and security.
In order to be successful in this journey, we are actively seeking a Network Research Engineer to strengthen our team.


VORTEX-CoLab is looking for exceptional Network Research Engineers with a MSc in Computer Science or similar (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, etc.) and who meet the following requirements:

  •  Knowledge in Network Security and on the OSI network model, GSM technologies, and paradigms like ICN or SDN;
  •  Knowledge about Internet architectures and traffic flow;
  •  Experience in developing network-focused applications;
  •  Good programming skills and hands-on knowledge of computer languages such as C++, GO, or Rust;
  •  A love for open-source and reliable technologies makes you comfortable with Linux operating system;
  •  A real thirst for knowledge and to stay ahead of the latest trends makes you an active curious and inventive thinker. You´re not afraid to try something new;
  •  A passion for innovation and for solving real-world problems;
  •  Good oral and written communication skills;
  •  A natural inclination to work on a collaborative environment, and the willingness to work on a broad variety of projects.


As a Network Research Engineer at Vortex-CoLab you will work collaboratively with a cross-functional team of other engineers, researchers, designers and product managers supporting initiatives that will define the next generation of embedded and real-time systems that are highly connected, with massive processing power and performing complex applications. As a member of the team you will drive future concepts and contribute to our innovation roadmap and prototype solutions.

How you can expect to fill your days:

  •  Solve cutting-edge problems with a multi-disciplinary group of researchers and engineers;
  •  Collaborate with engineering on security related matters during design, development and testing stages;
  •  Feed your passion for systems security through the application of breakthrough technologies on awesome research and innovation projects;
  •  Develop custom software/hardware that implement secure research prototypes;
  •  Interact with customers and external partners to drive breakthrough projects into successful prototypes;
  •  Boost up the creative environment provided and demonstrate quickness in learning and ability to experiment cross-cutting technologies.


If your true calling is working within a leading-edge applied research and development organization; and if you are passionate for inventing, prototyping and engineering breakthrough technologies with awesome applications...... then I think it’s safe to say we should talk. We are seeking candidates with an interest in innovative research as well as a commitment to developing solutions for the real world.
This role is ideal for a technology-minded problem solver who thrives in a business work environment with an academic twist.
Vortex-CoLab combines motivated individuals and active learners that thrive on doing remarkable things every day. We face technology challenges together, with academic insights and business mindsets, to deliver world-class solutions that transform the way the world uses technology.

Rewards and Benefits

  •  Health insurance for the whole family
  •  Flexible working environment
  •  Extra days off
  •  Training opportunities
  •  EU Salary Range: 26.000 EUR – 35.000 EUR (salary range can change if hired in at a different level)


Ref:  1771930
May 13, 2024
Experienced Non-Manager
Permanent Full Time

Porto, PT

Department:  Other

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